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Washington, DC

March 29 - 30, 2023
Venue/Hotel: Eaton DC

Cleaning & Cocktails Live:
The Interactive Playbook Edition

Join us for the 4th Cleaning & Cocktails Live! In this interactive event, we will be joined by a handful of coaches from the industry. This dynamic group of experts will be on hand to give you the tools you need to create your own janitorial growth playbook (details below).

Tickets are limited and will be sold on a first come first serve basis.  


**Come to DC early and attend ISSA’s Clean Advocacy Summit as part of National Cleaning Week on March 28-29, 2023. More details below!** 

Tickets for both events can be purchased separately or together.




Richard P. Montañez

Vice President, Multicultural Sales &
Community Activation for PepsiCo North America

Richard Montañez transformed his life from an immigrant janitor without a high school degree into a corporate executive at PepsiCo. Through his work and product innovations (Flamin' Hot Cheetos), he was named one of the most influential Hispanics in corporate America. Richard is an author, motivational speaker, and leadership coach.

Session: From Janitor to Executive at PepsiCo


  • Michael Brown is the Founder & CEO of Swept Technologies. Swept helps commercial cleaning companies grow by empowering front-line employees (cleaners). Michael is passionate about making technology approachable and understands firsthand the impact it can have on SMBs and their team members. He has spoken in multiple countries on topics surrounding commercial cleaning, leadership, and mindset.

Michael Brown

Founder/CEO of Swept Technologies

  • A Serial Entrepreneur who loves to lead and empower his team and his companies. A visionary who wants to genuinely impact the Building Services industry and world. My mission is to Empower the Building services industry and create an Ecosystem of tools, resources and partners that will help our Blue collar industry WIN!!!!!! 

Ricardo Regalado

Founder/CEO of Route & Rozalado


Building a successful and thriving cleaning company is hard. Let us show you how we did it!
In each session, you will customize our playbook to match the exact needs of your company.

March 29, 2023

6:00 PM - 8:30 PM Welcome Cocktails & Networking (Location TBD) 

Join us for a cocktail and get to know our team and other event attendees.

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Vulnerability Session

From all walks of life, different regions and ethnicities, these CEOs and business owners have taken their companies from $0 to multi-millions in annual revenue (collectively over $200M).

In this all new session, listen in as they open up, get vulnerable, and share some of the lowest points in their professional journeys. With every huge success, there are countless challenges, failures, and losses. Getting to the top isn’t easy, but this group has proven it is possible. They will share not just the lows, but how they mentally overcame this and pushed through and unlocked success. 

This session brings us together to acknowledge that everyone struggles and to share that there is a path forward. The Cleaning & Cocktails events are focused on bringing like minded humans together, to build partnerships & friendships, and level each other up. 

There is no better way to kick off this event and truly live our motto is STRONGER TOGETHER, than to have an honest discussion about the path to success and acknowledge the lows just as much as we celebrate the highs! 

Join us and sit back, sip on your cocktail, and listen to the stories and insights of these incredible cleaning business leaders



Jason Lee

CEO , LEE Building Maintenance
Karen J. Martinez

Karen Martinez

CEO, Bravo Building Services

Frank Wardzinski

COO Bravo Building Services

Corina Burton

CEO, CPR Construction Cleaning
MicrosoftTeams-image (26) (1)

Terrell Weg


Ingrid Murray

CEO. Prospect Cleaning Services

Gerren Sprauve, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur.

Session: MC of Welcome Night

Gerren Sprauve, owner of Clean Slate Janitorial out of Orlando, FL built a 7 figure Contracting business (from scratch) as a result of working through his personal fears, inspiring everyone he came in contact with and showing kindness and respect. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and raised in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Gerren has an infectious energy that bleeds into any room.  He's genuine, he's approachable and he wants to see you win both personally and professionally!  Let's Goooooooo!

March 30, 2023

9:00 AM: Welcome Session: Setting an intention for the day

10:00 AM: Session 1: Awareness 

In this session we will focus on strategies to build your brand, effectively communicate your story, generate leads, and position yourself for a stronger sales process

11:00 AM: Session 2: Acquisition 

In this session we will focus on strategies to build your sales process; from the moment you capture the lead to closing it with a profitable contract. A strong sales process not only grows your revenue, but it also helps you keep a client longer & protects your cashflow (when executed properly). 

Noon: Lunch & Sponsor Connecting

1:00 PM: Session 3: Activation

In this session we will focus on systems and strategies to properly set up your contract & your team for success. The two key components are Contract Ops & Team Ops.

2:00 PM: Session 4: Retention 

In this session we will focus on strategies to retain contracts. It costs more (time & money) to replace a contract and there are many ways to set and exceed customer expectations without burning out yourself or your team. 

3:00 PM: Session 5: Revenue 

In the final chapter of your playbook, we will share strategies to unlock more revenue from the customers that know and appreciate the service you provide. We will teach you how to turn on a referral engine to keep you busy with high converting warm leads. 

4:00 PM: Final Playbook Review & Q&A

The day will wrap up with a review of the playbook you created and answer any questions you have to ensure you hit the ground running on your return home. 

5:00 PM: Farewell Reception Bites & Cocktails

Lunch & dinner will be provided on March 30th 2023



Ken Carfagno, Commercial Cleaner, Podcaster & Community Builder

Session: MC of Event 

Ken is the host of the Smart Cleaning School Podcast which helps cleaning professionals make the impact they were meant to make. Ken levels up cleaning business owners in growth mindset, leadership, and promotes the thought leaders in the cleaning industry through his podcaste.  He recently won Small Business of the Year 2022 through his Chamber of Commerce. Ken and his wife Teresa have 5 kids that they homeschool in the Philadelphia Area.


Libby DeLucien, Serial Entrepreneur in Cleaning Industry

Session: Awareness (Marketing) 

Libby is a wife and mother of three beautiful children: 24, 14, and 4 years old. Libby comes from a family business, so being an entrepreneur has always come naturally. Libby is a Co-Founder of WootRecruit a software company that helps businesses aggressively grow by breaking through their hiring bottlenecks. WootRecruit is currently serving over 300 companies in 22 different Industries around the World.

She also is the owner of Organize It / Sweeps; a $2M cleaning and professional organizing company. She started her professional organizing company in 2014 and saw the need for a dependable residential cleaning service.


John Disselkamp Owner & CEO of First Class Commercial Cleaning

Session: Acquisition (Sales)

After a long career in banking, some serious personal challenges, and a brief stint in Florida, John returned to Louisville and founded First Class from scratch in January of 2016.  While living with his Mom and no money to his name, John landed his first account and turned down a six figure banking job. It was a 2 day/week job cleaning common areas at a commercial office building for $600/mo and John, along with the help of his first team member (his Dad), cleaned for the first 6 months to get the business off the ground.

Fast forward 7 years later, First Class now serves 250 Team Members, 170 commercial facilities across two markets (Louisville and Lexington), and on target to do approx. $10 million in sales this year (2023).  The company has been built on hard work, growing very intentionally, putting people first, and building strong relationships with both their team members and their clients.

John is most proud of his family.  He is married to Casie Disselkamp, and they have 3 young boys all under 4 years old, including 1 year old twins (Carter, Charlie, & Jack).


John Brady, President & CEO St. Moritz Building Services

Session: Acquisition (Sales)

In July 2005, John formally entered the janitorial services industry with St. Moritz Building Services as an Account Executive in the Pittsburgh corporate headquarters. Through professional & company growth, John’s role evolved from AE to VP Branch Manager to President - Commercial Services and to President & CEO. John is proud to be in the janitorial industry and passionate about pushing the industry forward with professionalism and value generation for all stakeholders.

St. Moritz will celebrate its 55th year in business in 2023 and operates in 17 states with over 1,200 service personnel maintaining approximately 40M square feet of commercial, industrial, retail, educational and corporate space.  Current bricks and mortar presence include headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA and regional branch offices in Columbus, OH, Athens, GA, Augusta, GA, and Raleigh, NC.

John completed his MBA from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University in 2013 with concentrations in Quantitative Analysis, Marketing, and Organizational Behavior.

Other industry accreditations include LEED AP from USGBC (2009) and CIMS ICE from ISSA (2013), active member of BOMA since 2005.  Chairperson of BOMA Pittsburgh Sustainability committee from 2012-14 and BOMA Pittsburgh board member from 2018-2021.  Also serves as President of Pittsburgh based multi-employer bargaining association (Managers, Owners & Contractors Association, MOCA) and has been a deputy management trustee of the SEIU National Industry Pension Fund since 2020.

Josh Melton

Josh Melton, Entrepreneur, Coach, Host

Session: Retention

Josh Melton is an author, coach, entrepreneur and speaker whose mission is to tell a story that awakens souls, reignites dreams, & challenges the status quo. A 2002 graduate of Toccoa Falls College with a degree in the study of God, his proudest accomplishments are being husband to his beautiful & angelic wife Kim, and father to his son Barrett and daughters Charlotte and Ellie.

Over the past 20 years, Josh has worked as an owner of multiple service-based businesses and in leadership positions for numerous community organizations. His passion for entrepreneurship, leadership, philosophy and psychology have empowered him to be a trusted advisor, coach and mentor to many entrepreneurs, whether they are already earning six to seven figures, or just starting their first side gig. As the CEO of Athens Cleaning Company and Principal Consultant at Circle Seven Strategies, Josh spends most of his time these days casting vision for new initiatives, coaching leadership teams, and creating content and courses for the brands for which he’s passionate, including Side Gig Prophet and Six Figure Cleaner.


Jeff Carmon, CBSE - Vice President, Customer Experience, Frantz Building Services

Session: Revenue

Jeff serves as VP, Customer Experience at Frantz Building Services.  Jeff worked for several years in the natural gas industry and then as a medical practice administrator before joining Frantz in 2015.  Upon joining Frantz, he established a business development process primarily responsible for the rapid organic growth at Frantz Building Services, selling, on average, $1.5M in new janitorial contracts annually.  Jeff works with Elite BSC as a speaker/presenter, content creator, and consultant.

What to Expect

Interact and collaborate with fellow cleaning business professionals from across the country as you learn from industry coaches at Cleaning & Cocktails Live. Hosted in a high energy environment, you will learn what is working for other cleaning business owners, be inspired by how others are thriving, and leave with the ultimate playbook filled with actionable strategies to help grow your business.

This Event Is For You If:

  • You want a hands-on, interactive experience where you will get the tools, insights and advice to drive your company forward 
  • You want to immerse yourself into the trends, challenges and opportunities that are shaping the cleaning industry
  • You're excited about networking with, and picking the brains of, other cleaning experts
  • You’re tired of working 24/7, filling in the gaps when your cleaners miss a shift, and you're ready to build the cleaning company you've always dreamed of
  • You want to walk away with a new perspective on how to thrive and be profitable in today's economy (and have a ton of fun doing it!)
  • You are hungry for growth and ready to turn your learnings into successful action!!!

Connect. Share. Disrupt.

Cleaning & Cocktails Live - The Interactive Playbook Edition.

More details coming soon.

Come to DC early and attend ISSA’s Clean Advocacy Summit as part of National Cleaning Week on March 28-29, 2023. 

Attendees will receive the inside scoop on the top public policy issues facing their business and industry, including labor shortages, supply chain challenges, sustainability, and more. 

“Hike the Hill” on Day 2 and meet with your congressional delegation to advance the industry! 

Tickets for both events can be purchased separately or together. 

Cleaning & Cocktails was fun, educational and was filled by like minded cleaning business owners. I had a blast and connected with amazing people. I also left with so many golden nuggets and became part of a community that supports each other.

Diana Muturia

We came back from the conference and have had our nose to the grind stone since. I took Tonys advice and we've expanded our services to painting, floor care, manufacturing ceiling work, oversaw a restoration project of a hotel and more. All because we asked! We are able to subcontract out the work that we aren't able to do. But taking that uneasy step outside the box and listening to Tony, has given us the opportunity to bid on $783,000 worth of work with our current clients outside of janitorial services since May of 2021!! Kudos guys for a great event! Excited to see what comes next.

Mark Lineberry

Cleaning & Cocktails Live in Chicago this past October hosted by Rozalado Services & Ricky's team was nothing short than amazing. There were over 100 CEO's from across the US & Canada that were there for one purpose to learn and be inspired through fellow cleaning professionals. It was the 1st event Ricky & Rozalado Services hosted and the energy from the start was epic. When you bring open minds that are willing to share their stories and empower the facilities industry it becomes infectious. In one work: "Worthy" ! Excellent two days plus the willingness of fellow CEO's to assist and help.

Paul McArthur

My experience with cleaning & cocktails was very pleasant. I finally felt in a world that could express to me how exciting and valuable it is to have a cleaning company, I learned from many tips that I am already applying in my company that met wonderful people who are changing the world of cleaning one building at a time using new platforms and a lot of technology.


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